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Statement Attributable to Andrew Johnson regarding California Call Centers…


“The reports carried in the media earlier today attributing Comcast’s decision to transition to a different model for its call center operations are incorrect.   The reasons for Comcast’s decision are as follows.  After careful analysis of the market and our operations, Comcast has determined that in order to run cost effective call centers that are focused on the customer experience, our customers will be served better in the long run by establishing specialized call centers focused on particular customer needs rather than on geography. 


At the same time, as more of our customers are taking advantage of self help tools such as handling their service requirements on line, we no longer need as many call centers as in the past. At present Comcast’s West Division customers' needs are served by 13 call centers across the Division.  We will be moving to a structure which will have ten centers in the West Division, each specializing on particular customer needs, such as billing, sales, repair or retention.  While this transition will result in our closing three call centers in California, the end result will be better customer service for our California customers. 


Comcast wants to retain as many of our impacted employees as possible, both in its California operations and in the new call centers to be established.  All affected California employees in good standing who wish to relocate will be offered relocation assistance.


Comcast remains very committed to California.  The Comcast family of companies which includes NBC Universal will continue to have approximately 20,000 employees in the state, will continue to hire employees in its other lines of business, and will continue to invest in its network and other operations in California."

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